Ho’oponopono for Depression

Dr. Hew Len used Ho’oponopono for depression, while he was working at the Hawaiian State Prison. Depression can be extremely difficult to treat in some individuals. Can you imagine the difficulty, in treating the murderers and rapists in the prison?

Ho’oponopono for depression, differs from most mainstream treatments. Most treatments, such as┬ácontroversial psychiatric medications and talk therapy, often only treat the symptoms, leaving the individual in a long term broken state.

On the other hand, Ho’oponopono works to eliminate depression, at the root level. Ho’oponopono targets the data, which is what stands between you and permanent healing.

If you are struggling with┬ápersistent┬ádepression, you may want to put Ho’oponopono to the test. You just might find the relief you are seeking.

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