Contact Dr Hew Len

I remember, when I first sought out, to contact Dr Hew Len. It was immediately, right after I read the book “Zero Limits” by Jo Vitale. I was absolutely¬†enthralled.

I absolutely new, that contact with Dr Hew Len, would change my life, and the way I do Hooponopono forever. I wanted to know, everything about Dr Hew Len. What was he really about.

To my disappointment, I was unable to reach Dr Hew Len by phone, email, or in person. What a nightmare. How could this be. I was destined to contact him.

Soon, I would learn, that Dr Hew Len no longer does Hooponopono Cleanings. But then I found this site. They do cleanings, similar to Dr Hew Len, and they are easy to contact.

What relief. I love this site. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Matthew Holmes

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