Joe Vitale, Money, & Hooponopono

We all know that Joe Vitale loves money. He loves making money. Most of all, he loves attracting money. What could be easier?

You just put out into the universe, that you want money, and it comes to you. However, if you are like most people, you may notice that the money doesn’t come to you, as quickly as you would like.

This is where Hooponopono cleanings, come into play. Dr Hew Len taught Joe Vitale, how to use Hooponopono, to attract money.

Let me tell you, if Dr Hew Len, tells you how to do something, you know its good. He told Joe Vitale, to keep a book and pencil in a locations he walks by regularly, in his house. Then all Joe Vitale had to do, is pick up the pencil, and tap the eraser on the book.

Talk about cleaning with Hooponopono. Dr Hew Len taught Joe Vitale, and all of us how to make money, with Hooponopono. Thanks Doc!

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