Jesus is a Hooponopono Practitioner

In a sense, Jesus is a Hooponopono practitioner. Don’t get me wrong, he probably doesn’t call them Hooponopono cleanings, but think about is . . . he healed people of leprosy, blindness, and cleansed people of their sins.
Would Jesus, not be the perfect, Hooponopono cleaner? He has a direct connection with God, and therefore can help others, to do the same.

In reality, Hooponopono cleanings, are similar to repentance. We cleanse ourselves, of the data (sins), that get in our way, of know God, on an intimate level.

How thankful, I am to God, for giving us a way to come unto him. What a loving God, that he would prepare Morrnah Simeona and Dr Hew Len, to teach us the gift of Hooponopono

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