Dr Hew Len Hooponopono

Dr Hew Len Hooponopono, differs from other Hooponopono philosophies. Dr Hew Len, has mastered the art of Hooponopono cleanings, at a distance.

That’s right, the Dr Hew Len Hooponopono, allows him to perform cleanings, without ever talking to or seeing the individual. Wow, that’s AMAZING!

At the Hawaii State Prison, Dr Hew Len used his Hooponopono, at a distance, to help cure an entire mental ward of clinically insane, convicted felons. That’s right, he did this without ever talking, to any of the prisoners, about their problems.

The Dr Hew Len Hooponopono, is truly magnificent. It dwarfs the past techniques, by people likeĀ Morrnah Simeona.

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