Is Joe Vitale A Fraud?

Since Joe Vitale, wrote and published the book “Zero Limits”, about Hooponopono, many have asked if he is a fraud, thief, or scam.

How can Joe Vitale make such claims about Hooponopono, when he makes so much money from his books and products?

It is true, that Joe Vitale makes a lot of money, from his Hooponopono books, CD’s, and DVD’s; but that doesn’t mean he is a fraud.

Some believe, it is noble, to make a good living, while helping many people. Joe Vitale, has brought Hooponopono, and Dr Hew Len, to the forefront of personal change. Many have been enlightened, inspired, to take 100% Responsibility.

Others, have diligently implemented, daily Hooponopono Cleanings, as a way of life.

Wouldn’t it be great, if everyone cleaned daily? Think how the world would change.

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