Ho’oponopono: The Fear Of A Dying Father In The Hospital

I was just finishing a Ho’oponopono seminar when I heard, my dad was in the hospital, with life or death heart problems, I went into despair. Will he live or die?

He was in the hospital bed, barely coherent. I tried to smile, with a sense of hope. He looked so sick, so close to death, and there was nothing I could do.

I was think to myself, how can I utilize Ho’oponopono to help my father, and the situation.

I talked to the cardiologist, who told me they’ve tried all the medications and medical treatments available, and it still wasn’t working. His heart rate, was elevated to 165 beats per minute, and rising.

If this continued, he would die of heart failure, or stroke. I didn’t know what to do. The doctors were doing everything they could, and didn’t know why nothing was working.

I decided, to use Hooponopono, and clean for my dad, like Dr Hew Len would do. I began, by thinking about what I contributed, to his current sickness (100% Responsibility).

I cleaned for, our arguments and dispute, years ago when, I was a teenager.

I cleaned for the stress, I had caused him, by my poor decisions.

I cleaned for, the trials and problems, he was experiencing in his life.

I did Ho’oponopono cleanings, for 3 days straight. Finally, on the third day, he seems to look different. I say a bit of hope in his eyes.

When the cardiologist came in, he was shocked, that my dad’s heart was completely back to normal. It has been 8 months, and my dad’s heart is still doing great.

Thank you Dr Hew Len, for teaching me the art of Ho’oponopono. Thanks!!!

Ho’oponopono is Fruadulant

“Ho’oponopono is Fruadulant”, are the exact words that came out of the doctors mouth. He was angry and upset. “How can someone expect me to believe, that an entire Hawaii State Prison mental ward was magically healed, by an ancient Hawaiian healing practice call Ho’oponopono?” Before I could begin to address his question, he continued in his near screaming rage: “It just doesn’t make sense. I’m educated. I know all the research. There is nothing that indicates that Ho’oponopono works, or even exists. Its just not possible. I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it. I refuse to!”

I took a step back, to distance myself from the fraudulent Ho’oponopono conversation, going on between only one person. At first, I found myself taking it personal that he decisively believed that Ho’oponopono is fraudulent. But then, started to realize that he wasn’t really angry and upset at me, or at Ho’oponopono. In fact, he was actually upset at his frame of reality.

Ho’oponopono Fake or Real?

Is Ho’oponopno fake or real? If you read about Ho’oponopno in the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale, then you heard spectacular stories that may make you wonder if they are fake or real. Joe Vitale tells the story of Dr. Hew Len using Ho’oponopono to miraculously heal an entire mental ward in the Hawaii State prison, without every talking to them.

Don’t get me wrong, these claim definitely bring a high level of scrutiny over Ho’oponopono. One can’t help but wonder, why don’t all psychologist, like Dr. Hew Len, learn Ho’oponopono so they can cure everyone? I don’t have exact answer to this question. In fact, I wonder about this same question.

Is it that Ho’oponopono is too far beyond, mainstream psychology and medicine?

Yes, I believe part of the reason, is that Ho’oponopono seems too far fetched. Most of us are raised and taught, by family and schooling, that such beliefs are fake, and not real. Often we are ridiculed by others for believing that certain things will work, that are not in textbooks and taught in the major universities.

Ho’oponopono is very different, especially from mainstream education. It deals with variables that are often hard and difficult to understand, and especially to explain. What exactly happens, when the data is cleared and the divinity decides to heal individuals of depression, anxiety, etc?

Ho’oponopono doesn’t work

It has been said, that Ho’oponopono doesn’t work. Is this fact or fiction? It really frustrates me when random people who have no idea what they are talking about, make claims that they can’t back up.

There is absolutely no evidence, to support the view that Ho’oponopono doesn’t work. I have seen no studies, research, or even case studies that even began to support this point of view.

In reality, to say that Ho’oponopono doesn’t work, is like saying that electricity doesn’t. We have a very limited understanding of how electricity works, but we have mastered flipping the switch to turn a light on.

Similarly, we don’t have a full and complete understanding of exactly how Ho’oponopono works. We do know that we must continually erase data, on a daily basis, to clear the connection with the divinity. But this, is far from a full explanation of what makes Ho’oponopono work.

Yet, we can simply flip the switch, by using the Ho’oponopono Mantra: Thank you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you. Its so simple, and yet it continues to create amazing and magnificent results. Just think of the Ho’oponopono work that Dr. Hew Len was able to accomplish, through the healing of the inmates at the Hawaii State Prison.

Dr. Hew Len simply used Ho’oponopono, by sitting in his office, reviewing the prisoners files. He never even talked to them about their issues, problems, and disorders. Instead, he looked at their files and asked himself the question: What have I done to contribute to this in the universe?

Ho’oponopono doesn’t work if you are trying to use it to clean for another person’s problems. It only works if you clean, for your contribution to the problems of others. This is truly taking 100% responsibility.

One of the key tenets of Ho’oponopono, taught by Dr. Hew Len, is taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Everything bad, wrong, difficult in your life is your responsibility, and nobody else’s. This can be very hard to take. It is not the general attitude of most people.

Scam Alert: Ho’oponopono

Some people claim that Ho’oponopono is some sort of scam, because it doesn’t live up to its claims. Most people want to gain the miraculous results, similar to what Dr. Hew Len produced at the Hawaiian State Prision, the first time they use Ho’oponopono.

If you believe, you should be able to immediately play basketball like Michael Jordan, after you read a book about him, then you probably also believe that Ho’oponopono is a scam. It is unreasonable to believe that Ho’oponopono will fix everything in your life instantly, without practice.

Remember, Dr. Hew Len studied and practiced Ho’oponopono for many years, before performing what appears to miracles. So take it easy on yourself, if things are happening slower than your expectations.